Cordial meeting on Community Care issues

Dear Sir,

A group of 150 local men have come together, calling themselves The Community Care Concerns Group.

This group has been formed in response to the sudden and unexpected changes that have been made and implemented by the Board of Directors of Community Care. 

The affected men feel aggrieved that these sudden changes have been made without any consultation or consideration to them, or to future generations. They request that the eligibility process for claiming the Community Officers Allowance, remain the same as it has for the previous 25 to 30 years.

As a result of this a meeting was held on 18/3/20 with the Chairman of Community Care Mr James Levy QC, and a group of representatives. The group’s concerns and points of view, on behalf of all their members, were put across to Mr Levy during what turned to be a very cordial meeting.

Further meetings and discussions are proposed with a view to resolving this situation.

Kind regards,

Mr M Brier