Following an upsurge in layoffs, Unite advises employers to: WAIT AND SEE

With an upsurge of layoffs, the union Unite has been advising such employers to Wait and See. The union has argued for protection of jobs and employment in the private sector through support to employers from government.

Any announced measures are backdated so as those employers that have “jumped” too early and laid off employees can reset that position, re-engage workers and access the support that is made available. "The above is a flavour of what the union has sought on behalf of members from a wide agenda, but the principle is protection for jobs and income regardless of employment status, to ensure that members have jobs to recommence when the crisis has abated,"said Unite's National Officer Stuart Davies. 

He added: The Chief Minister has reiterated the support for the public sector and the continuation of work and wages through this difficult period. A number of our members know that this has meant in certain circumstances re-deploying to different work to support Gibraltar’s efforts in the fight against the virus and your flexibility, adaptability and commitment is very welcomed and is to be applauded, as is the position of near on 1,000 volunteers stepping forward to assist.

There will be announcements from No.6 across this week in terms of the outcomes of the CELAC meetings. This is a fast changing situation, so today's information can be something else tomorrow.

Unite reiterates: "Employers are advised to hold tight to allow Government to announce the package of support and not jump too early. As above where employers have already taken decisions to release employees, we have made the request through CELAC that any measures can be retrospectively applied. This means that for those employers that have jumped too soon, those decisions can be reversed, employment reinstated and the measures/support

accessed."They add: A great number of employers are acting responsibly and sensibly, looking to protect employees; however where examples arise where this is not the case then the union will support member and will fund legal assistance where appropriate and applicable. The union also calls upon members to display flexibility to assist during this crisis and to contribute positively to the fight against this virus.

But as Christian Duo, Unite Chair, pointed out earlier: “Unfortunately due to the current situation in the last week we have seen a surge in lay-offs, by employers in the Private Sector or agreements with individual employees, which are in breach of current employment legislation. These areas require our focus and resources in these pressing times."