The birth of the ‘inactive’ employee

New measures to combat the coronavirus crisis have given birth to the 'inactive' employee, with Government paying such staff while pandemic persists. Home-workers will not fall into the inactive category, the aim being that employers retain workers rather than dismiss them.

At yesterday's press conference, chief minister Fabian Picardo spoke for an hour, including answering come questions from the media. He spelt out the Business and Employer Assistant Terms.

There will be forms galore to be filled in as the system gets going. 

There will be serious repercussions to erroneous and false information.

There will be special treatment for social insurance and other mandatory payments.A payment of £1,150 per month for full time persons was

mentioned.Waiver of commercial rents and rates, deferral of Paye contributions and a capital allowance of £50,000 in respect of company tax.

Citizens would also be protected - no evictions where private tenants unable to pay rents; and other 'goodies'.

It was not clear how much all this would cost, predictions ranging from £10 million to £30 million.

More details in coming days.


The Leader of the Opposition Keith Azopardi and Shadow Finance Minister Roy Clinton met the Chief Minister and Financial Secretary to discuss the economic package of measures announced yesterday.

Azopardi said this was an incredibly difficult time for the Gibraltar and global economy. In dealing decisively with the public health emergency we need to ensure that we also deal with the economic repercussions so we minimise the risk of economic collapse. He added:

With that in mind we have held discussions with the Government on the measures to be taken and support these so that they see us through this immediate period of three months.

Clinton said: “I am satisfied with the financial information and projections that the Chief Minister and Financial Secretary have provided. The measures announced to support employees and businesses are calibrated with the input of CELAC and targeted to provide financial support where needed as quickly as possible." As a community need to ensure that we have the financial ability to withstand the coming storm for as long as it lasts.