How constructive are these construction rules?

Although the construction industry has been closed down as a result of the coronavirus measures taken by Government, certain works related to the construction industry industry continue, as noted by some members of the public. In fact, we have been sent photographs showing uniformed workers not even keeping to the safety distance the Government has been harping on. 

It could well be that permission has been requested and granted by the relevant department to allow for such works to proceed as they are considered to be emergency or critical, but the point being made to us is that it all causes confusion and the questions asked are these:

Should not all construction come to a halt? If others have to follow strict guidelines why not them as well?

The Government has legislated to close down all construction sites and sites used for shipbuilding and repair, however certain sites are allowed to remain open.

For example, said a spokesman, any works related to the COVID-19 pandemic have been authorised to proceed. Other examples are any works related to critical national infrastructure or works which needed to be completed where not doing so would have safety implications.

"It is important to understand that this restriction is a public health measure which is designed to control the influx of persons into and their movement around Gibraltar in order to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. This policy has already led to a sharp reduction in the number of persons coming into Gibraltar each day," such is the official line.

Exemption certificates are for projects where the workforce is permanently based in Gibraltar. Where this is not possible, strict conditions have been set on the movement of construction workers who are not resident in Gibraltar.

However, requests for small projects, such as for home improvements, will not generally be approved as many involve small contractors who tend to employ workers who are not permanently based in Gibraltar, said a Government statement.