Either We Have a Proper Lockdown or We Don’t?

Leo Olivero
Either We Have a Proper Lockdown or We Don’t?

The Coronavirus crises presents Governments everywhere with various dilemmas on how to best manage risks.

In policymaking, every decision has consequences which may also include unintended ones. Policy consultees may present different qualified opinions on various aspects and areas, but also on the timing and logistics of decisions which can be confusing to the ordinary citizen when conflicting issues develop. 

Gibraltar Battle Plan Cannot Afford to Have a ‘Chink in the Amour’

This newspaper, has repeatedly commended and acknowledged the tremendous work by all concerned from 6 Convent Place to Health Professionals and all Emergency Services and all the others involved in the national operation to safeguard and protect Gibraltar from the COVID-19 world pandemic.

The Gibraltar Battle Plan cannot afford to have a ‘Chink in the Amour’. Presently, there is an obvious chink or crack that should not exist. It’s now one, that daily is becoming a cause for serious concern to the public in allowing certain construction sites to remain open for work as usual. All this, while the rest of Gibraltar are locked away and repeatedly told to wash their hands. While out in the public space construction workers, those who are working with special permission do as they please at the detriment of the rest of the population: This cannot possible be, it begs the question, are we serious here or not?