UK hospital problem affecting Gibraltar doctor now resolved

The matter we reported on yesterday concerning Gibraltarian Dr Catherine Beanland has now been settled and she is now attending to her patients at the hospital.

Dr Beanland is a Senior Partner at Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow and is a community doctor and attends to her patients whenever they are in hospital.

Mr Malcolm Beanland told us: "My daughter Dr Catherine Beanland is a GP at Portcullis Surgery in Shropshire England, and has overcome initial objections by Ludlow Hospital to her wearing PPE when working on community hospital wards."

She was initially barred from carrying out her duties at the hospital but following constructive talks the following joint communique has been issued.

Joint Statement by Shropshire Community Trust and Portcullis Surgery:

Constructive dialogue has taken place today between Dr Catherine Beanland and Dr Chris Targett of Portcullis Surgery and Dr Jane Tovey, Medical Direcctor of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust.

Both Portcullis Surgery and Shropshire Community Health recognise that the safety of patients aand staff is of paramount importance and the effective use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is central to that.

Shropshire Community Health continues to adhere to all national guidelines on the use of PPE but agrees that General Practioners working on Community hospital wards should adopt additional infection control procedures given their greater exposure to patients in the community.

Dr Beanland and Dr Targett have now been reassured and confirm that they are confident in the way the Trust is implementing these guidelines at Ludlow Hospital. We look forward to continuing to work together in the interests of our patients during this challenging and escalating situation.