The Covid Question Everyone is Asking: How Bad Will This Really Get?

Leo Olivero

As most Gibraltarians religiously adhere to emergency laws and a harsh daily related routine imposed on them; and as we gaze through our windows for better days ahead, the question on everyone’s mind is: “How Bad Will This Really Get”?

All About Reliance

Personally, I am convinced of one thing, that although Covid-19 may be an invisible enemy, it has equally demonstrated how vulnerable we all are. Our tomorrow will never be the same as our yesteryears or even our life last year. Our new norm will need to be shaped aro-und one crucial concept our resilience as a nation!

Resilience as nation, is society’s ability to be able to withstand ‘economic, social and environmental changes’, if not the shocks. COVID-19 has clearly exposed not only our own, but global vulnerabilities across these latter three pillars. Particularly, within the socioeconomic fabric.

Without trying to insult anyone’s intelligence, here’s a brief explanation of what I mean by socioeconomic, as I’m often stopped or people contact me to ask what I meant by this word or that: Socioeconomics, generally ‘relates to the differences between groups of people caused mainly by their financial situation,’ as examples, ‘social economics focuses on the relationship between social behaviour and economics’ or ‘an individual’s socioeconomic status that shapes their beliefs and attitudes’. Although there are many more, that was gist of the meaning.

We are witnessing people losing their lives, with health services against the ropes, battered stock markets, businesses crippled, jobs lost and people requiring mental support. This is happening in every corner of the world, including ours. It has clearly exposed the need for the new norm mentioned, centred round sustainable development and economic planning, in efforts to shore up our resilience, and importantly, enhance our preparedness to deal with such emergencies in the future.

Health emergencies have become more common than I ever thought possible?

Which brings me to the question and title of this report ‘how bad will this really get? Or the thoughts of many people, in how long they are going to cooped up?

Covid Numbers Are All Over the Place

Of course, we all want answers. And, given the massive research underway around the world and data being collected about the coronavirus, it seems like answers ought to exist. Certainly, the numbers are out there, generally meaning everywhere. In fact, they appear to be all over the place!

Not so much in Gibraltar’s case, mainly because of our size. But even from a local perspective, you can forgive people, as you could elsewhere, who are totally puzzled and confused with the often contractionary spre-ad of information churned out by Covid Forecasters. Some of which have proven to be wrong, misleading, or do not reflect the reality of the situation…as lay people would inevitable believe?