No safe exit plan even with stable Covid figures

Leo Olivero

There is little doubt, that the Covid lockdown will continue for some time yet. The Chief Minister in his last daily Covid briefing, said as much. Not in so many words, but it was clear where the thinking was or is, which would be logical, at this point in time from our own emergency perspective!

Gibraltar, has so far been lucky, we have not had the kind of Covid surge that was expected and predicted. Mo-stly, this is down to the fact, there’s also been time to prepare with the early introduction of social distancing measures, that have obviously worked.

Looking at figures for the last few weeks, we’ve probably done too well, this if repeated predictions of a far more serious scenario is anything to go by!

The situation now appears stable. However, I do not believe that many, if any Covid decision makers are ready to come out yet, to say we are not going to reach…whatever surge was expected.

Frankly, I don’t think anyone really knows what will happen next?  In my opinion…we don’t know enough about the virus spread or activity in Gibraltar?

Hospital Work Turned on its Head

No doubt, the pandemic has turned work at the hospital on its head. Because instead of filling beds! Covid bed management has had to try to keep the hospital(s) empty in anticipation of a harrowing surge similarly experienced in Italy, Spain, the US and UK!

The objective here, looks to have been to clear space and get as many ventilators into the hospital, have enough beds available to deal with a surge and train up people to ensure staffing is adequate to meet a potential outpouring of cases.

Common Knowledge Facts

Though it’s been said enough times, and should be common knowledge by now. That those people with underlying health problems and the elderly are most at risk. Everyone or anyone, can pick up the virus. Though recovery seems to be better in young people, or those that don’t have co-morbidities.

So far, Gibraltar has had no deaths, and may it remain that way. The demise of any person to the virus would be tragic. Here again, it would be logical for planners to foresee the necessity for temporary mor-gues. Though, not like those grim resting places pictured in Italy and the US.

Having criticised, locally repeated morbid remarks by one or two. I’m only going to be positive on this point. Because I do not believe large scale mor-gues will be required. No doubt, they have been planned for, in fact I know they have. Which again, is common-sense planning. But I’m being and want to remain positive!

For the past 5 or 6 weeks, the people of Gibraltar have been told to stay at home to save lives. These calls, together with emergency laws introduced have been widely respected.

Local planners, have mostly followed much of what is happening elsewhere, but also taking advice on those areas which apply to the Rocks circumstances.

Daily News Covid Briefings Becoming Stagnate and Not Interestingly Informative

Daily news Covid briefings, have become a hugely important and informative hub. But have also become somewhat stagnant in parts. Where minister’s, do not always come across, as punchy or as interestingly informative as the health experts or the health side of the briefing. You get the impression that some ministers, haven’t really much to say, so they go into areas in their presentation, where generally, the public are the wrong target audience. This news and information do not capture the minds of the ordinary members of the public. Who are obviously interested on the more health related aspects of Covid-19!