Carmen Gomez DIARY

Carmen Gomez

What it means to be one step ahead

When hopefully our present predicament is over, and we look back on this challenging chapter of our lives, we may well realize that compared to much more powerful and greater nations than us, Gibraltar has stood its ground well. We may be a small nation; but a discerning one and sagacious in struggles.

Our government it seems; save for certain material which it had requested and had not yet received; has constantly been, one step ahead. Today, as I look at the rest of the world, I see millions of hospital workers; nurses and doctors across the globe, risking their well being, and the life and health of their family, in order to perform those duties expected of them, despite being under such dire circumstances. Many of whom have lost their lives because governments failed to provide them with the necessary protective equipment.

Apart from my sister and I, many of whom we have spoken to over these weeks; even some who sometimes have been critical of Government; have had to agree on one thing, which is, that we salute our Government for the way they have handled matters to do with this threatening pandemic, and the speed with which they have put into place their strategies to keep all of us safe including the essential workers. Here I must include Dr. Marin for the care and attention he has given our elderly, which is second to none.

We applaud you all; you are an example to follow.