Carmen Gomez Diary

Carmen Gomez


Some time back I photographed one of the benches on Waterport road which someone had tried to lift by loosening the screws which held it onto the pavement. This time they appear to have gone further. I imagine that in trying to further unloosen said bolts, they have ended up bending the wrought iron side of the bench (this must have been done with great force) and in so doing, splitting one of the boards on the seat. It seems quite extraordinary that this was done without being seen by anyone; as it must have taken some time to bring about. This type of vandalism should be eradicated by the Royal Gibraltar police; if we value public property. I understand that the benches in Main Street were all removed; but what’s for sure is that helpers like these, are not needed by Government. 

Satellites from Spain in the dark of night over Gibraltar

It appears that of late, Spanish people in the Campo area have noticed what they call “satellites,” flying high in the night skies coming from the area of San Roque all the way across, in the direction of the Rock. Once over it, the light fades out and they can no longer be detected. This apparently happens every fifteen days, to be exact. Can anyone out there shed any light on this curious phenomenon? Does the fact that said satellite is lost from sight once it is over the Rock, mean that lights have been turned off to avoid detection? I ask.