Easter that will never be forgotten

Dear Sir,

Easter 2020 will never be forgotten! Our pope that preached to an empty St. Peter’s Square! Our bishop who commended his flock to accept the current situation. Our new dean hoping for restrictions and reparations to end.

Our Jewish brethren celebrating Passover with empty chairs at tables set for family meals. Our Muslim community not congregating at mosques in the forthcoming Ramadan – as so will our churches and synagogues be closed.

Our frontline workers and volunteers working round the clock, 24-7, to maintain our health and safety against Covid-19.

For our fellow non-believers don’t we look forward to a drink in the pub; a football match or any sport, a meal at a restaurant, a flutter on a lottery ticket or bingo at the Casino. Going to work to earn one’s enxt wage packet or simply being together with one’s family.


Where basic conversation and communication is only online, or radio, tv or on a monitor. Yes, by all means, keeping in touch but no physical contact, love without kissing or hugging. Sharing a sign of peace but no handshakes because one needs to be at least 1 meter apart.

I empathise for our priests. They had to commemorate the Last Supper without washing one of the congregation’s feet?! Still conveying the message of hope! The message that Resurrection overcame Death and Evil in the midst of this pandemic.

I must congratulate our government and law enforcement agencies who painstainkingly have found themselves lumbered on their shoulders with contingency, strategically tasks to coordinate our health, our safety, in short, what matters most to our lives on this our Rock journeying in lockdown with the rest of the world in this pandemic.

Grateful thanks to GHA, our carers, our pharmacists, our retail outlets, our volunteers, our FRONTLINERS! With solidarity, and priority of care to the most vulnerable, until a suitable vaccine to combat this virus is found – Let us keep this hope alive, with resilience. Health first, economy will follow.

(Also) Grateful thanks to all who are answering our phone calls in whatever necessity or capacity.

In gratitude let us continue our 8pm ritual by clapping and cheering from our windows, balconies and terraces.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard F. Adamberry