Gibraltar getting smaller by the day: Shrinking Gibraltar and limiting Gibraltarians

Dear Sir,

It is with great concern that I write this letter. Not only is Gibraltar a very small place but by the way things are going it is getting smaller by the day.

When I was a kid there were notices everywhere ‘TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.’

Locals were not allowed into The Nuffield Swimming Pool. I once tried to get in and a Naval officer threw me out.

Edinburgh House Estate which house M.O.D. personnel and their families was also out of bounds for locals and we teenagers were often kicked out when we entered into their mysterious precinct looking for a date with an English girl.

When we climbed up the rock in search of Mea-de-Zorras (Paper White Narcissus) we were often confronted by notices all over the rock stating ‘Trespassers will be prosecuted’ denying us entrance into areas that we thought belonged to us Gibraltarians.

Coaling Island was also out-of-bounds and so were many other spots around the rock.

Nowadays I find that I cannot take my usual Sunday walk up the pier opposite Bianca’s Restaurant to enjoy the sights and the sea-breezes as they have built a long tunnel or covered passage way opposite The Sunborn Yacht Hotel. A gate has been placed and entry is forbidden to walkers like me.

The new Government announcement that they will be closing Line Wall Road to traffic is also limiting myself and other motorists.

I have had to give away my motorbike which I needed in order to carry my shopping as I could never find any parking spaces in town. Often I used to get fined £50.00 if I did not notice a sign stating that there was going to be a clean-up in the area. Often there was no clean-up but everybody parked there would get fined. Of course, if you paid the fine before 14 days elapsed the Gov. was kind enough to deduct half the fine.

This made a terrible dent on my small income.

If all the traffic is going to be diverted into Queensway there is going to be a daily problem of ‘GRIDLOCK’ and extra pollution and aggravating traffic noises for the people who have bought expensive flats and houses on the waterfront of Queensway. Most of this waterfront area is also out of bounds for ordinary Gibraltarians who loved to walk around these areas.

My life is not only poorer due to all these restrictions, but Gibraltar is getting smaller and tighter as the years go by.

Yesterday I tried going in a different direction, so I crossed around Sandpits and was told by a Naval Officer that I was trespassing into private land. I spent my childhood playing in Sandpits and now there is a railing cutting off the little bit of vegetation that links Sandpits to St. Joseph’s.

We also used to play on top of Prince of Wales Battery and get ‘chumbos’ (prickly pears) that grew up there but a huge house was built on top of this Heritage sight some years ago and gone are the two football pitches were we used to play football and other games.

May the Lord help us if we continue shrinking Gibraltar and limiting Gibraltarians.

Thanking You.

Tito Valerga