Dear Sir,

Letter for Fabian Picardo:

I’m sorry to say this but Fabian Picardo you are acting irresponsible to unlock the rock so soon when you could have held on to it for at least another couple of weeks.

What are you doing to protect the children? Not too much - keep the schools closed until after the summer.

Perhaps you are worrying more about the economics and pressure by businesses than for the welfare of the citizens.

I’m also very sorry to say that you don’t have knowledgeable enough medical specialists with the expertise to analyze the severity of this pandemic virus.

Fabian, I’m sorry for having to criticize your irresponsible actions.

Whilst I am at it, let me also say that you have also been very disrespectful to me (and you know why) especially to one that was partially responsible for you holding the position that you hold.

Sorry Fabian, you know me, YO NO ME PONGO PELOS EN LA LENGUA.

Joe Carseni

Gibraltar American Council

New York