Fatal collision between an RGP vessel and a Spanish boat leads to strong protest from Spanish Government

Following a fatal collision in early March between an RGP vessel and a Spanish boat off La Atunara area, which resulted in the death of two Spaniards, it has now emerged that the Spanish Government has lodged a strong protest to the British Embassy in Madrid "about the unacceptable action by the Gibraltarian police."

The Spanish Government has further stated that there is no agreement between Spain and the UK that allows the Gibraltarian police act "in Spanish territorial waters."

Given the seriousness of the ongoing developments, we asked the RGP if they had any comments they would like to make. Our question was this:

"You will recall the fatal sea collision in early March and that the RGP has initiated an investigation. Could you please provide details of the investigation and its conclusions."

In fact, we have asked the RGP about it on three occasions, but they have chosen to remain silent - they have not even had the courtesy of acknowledging our request. After the hard-hitting investigation of the RGP by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary, the behaviour of the RGP towards a request for them to put across their points of view would have been welcomed or they could have explained if their position was otherwise, but not even acknowledging our request leaves much to be desired about the RGP...and seems to confirm, if confirmation were needed, of the behaviour of the RGP.

Be that as it may, the fatal collision has now surfaced in Spanish political circles with accusations being made of a "flagrant violation of Spain's national sovereignty."