No expertise in this pandemic

* Letter in reply to that of Tito Valerga:

Dear Tito,

Since you addressed your letter to me making your feelings known, which I respect, towards what I wrote about and your saying that I was disrespectful to Fabian Picardo for not addressing him as the Honourable.

I’m going to address this letter to you and give you a piece of my mind. Are you ready?

Ok, let me say to you that anybody who wants respect, has to EARN it- and that includes Your Fabian- got it? So take it and put this phrase wherever you want ... so that you better understand what I said, I’ll say it once again.

Neither Fabian Picardo nor any of the doctors in Gibraltar, have any expertise in this pandemic and I don’t believe he should be thanked for acting the way he did. He just followed suit of other world leaders and as Chief Minister, he did what he is getting paid for.

As to you saying that I should stick to my song festivals you’d better believe it but don’t ever doubt that I am also well versed in politics.

I would even say, more so than you.

Ok Tito and other readers like you, let me try and give you something else for you to talk about-I am a FIRM believer that Gibraltar should re-write their constitution to only allow the same Chief Minister to ran for office for a Maximum of two four-year terms.

Why do I say this? Because we can stop them becoming DICTATORS and /or GODS. Think about this!

Joe Carseni

New York