Police stop demonstration against traffic matters

Police stop demonstration against traffic matters

- but despite threats from Commissioner McGrail a small protest went ahead opposite Parliament

A peaceful protest walk against recent Government action, essentially related to traffic, planned for Monday has been stopped by Police intervention, with a letter sent by the Police Commissioner to an organiser which said: "I would point out that failing to conform to my directions under Section 63 of the Crimes Act 2011 constitutes an offence."

There had been reports of a growing group of persons aggrieved, worried and dismayed at so-called unilateral decisions and actions being taken without consultation, consensus or debate, which sparked off the idea of a peaceful protest strictly adhering to social distancing, wearing protective masks and maintaining themselves to small groups in an orderly fashion at all times during the protest.

But two members of the group were contacted by Police, one was asked to attend New Mole House police station and another was visited at home by two police officers, and told they were risking arrest and prosecution and that they should cancel the protest.

A letter from the Commissioner of Police was handed over.

Speaking to PANORAMA, a spokesman for this group of concerned citizens, said: "I must first of all congratulate Government for their handling of the Covid 19 contingency planning. With that aside we have fundamentally come together to publically expose the failings and errors of the recent spate of government decisions regarding road, traffic, parking, constructions and lack of solutions to many problems facing vulnerable members of our society and their families. "We are not in any way a political party nor will we entertain any notion nor accusation that we are politically motivated.

"We have come together to create public awareness and support on these important matters which if allowed to continue will be affecting the quality of life now and in the long term future.

"It appears many of these decisions are being erroneously justified and linked to Covid measures and a seriously flawed, not prioratised, Green Policy."

The spokesman added: "Contrary to stipulated current lockdown, government advice and legal allowances our group were denied permission and members intimidated from carrying out a peaceful protest maintaining a strict social distancing and wearing masks at all times. We take a serious view of this and feel discriminated against when it is clear that there have been numerous occasions that this has not been the case...with nil police action."

This is not the end of the road for us, we will not be fobbed off, they said. We have been denied our rights miserably justified today with 3 positive cases staying in their homes.


A eof the group said that the demonstration had been postponed to Monday 29th June at 6pm at Casemates to symbolically march up to No.6 "to show our displeasure with the handling of many issues which include the way all traffic matters are being dealt with."

Before Parliament met yesterday morning, about twelve persons stood on the pavement across from the Parliament building, and there was no police intervention. One person carried a Gibraltar flag with the inscription 'Enough is Enough'.