How it feels to be made redundant

*Stephen is from Gibraltar and works at British Airways. He relates how it feels to be made redundant:

I keep being asked what's going on at BA so here it is...

On 15th June, I will be made redundant from the job I love after 15 years of loyal service. Redundancy notices are to be issued to the entire workforce of 43,000 employees.

31,000 "lucky" former employees will then be offered re-employment on a vastly inferior contract and salary. For me, this would represent a 65% pay cut which won't keep my head above water.

This is to be accompanied by an increase in productivity of 25%, inferior T&Cs and a clause that means I can be laid off at any time with no compensation.

All of this is with a backdrop of our CEO's bonus of £3.2 million in March this year; he’s been paid £33 million over the last 9 years. For the financial year ‘19/’20, the company made a near record-breaking operating profit of £1.9 billion. We received no bonus; not a penny even though that profit equates to over £45,000 per employee even after fuel, wages, property, aircraft, vehicles, advertising, taxes, NI contributions, all ancillary costs, fat bonuses for the top table and even massive fines levied. That would be pure profit. We are not a drain on the company, we are the engine driving the profits.

My employer has the biggest cash reserves of any airline on this planet: £10 billion. They can weather this crisis without such drastic action. They are calling it a "fight for survival", and at the same time spending £1billion buying another airline in Spain.

Yes these are unprecedented times and we must all pull together and take temporary measures to protect the future but my employer is not prepared to negotiate. They simply want to impose drastic measures, permanently and fast.

MPs, the Transport Select Committee and our Union are horrified at their actions and have asked them to halt the section 188 notice of redundancies and negotiate. They have declined.

-Stephen from Gibraltar, Cabin Crew with BA on the legacy work contract, and on behalf of 42,000 BA workers across all departments.