Help us to Help Them Support Group

Dear Sir,

The Help us to Help Them Support Group will like to express our gratitude to all involved throughout these difficult times also it has been of great satisfaction to see our Government and the opposition working together to safe guard the people of Gibraltar.

Special gratitude goes to the operational manager and his team that has worked extremely hard to build the Europe Point hospital GHA Nightingale facility, To GHA staff doctors, Nurses, Ambulance service, cleaners, chefs and any other personnel who have been in front line throughout the pandemic, to The Royal Gibraltar Regiment for their logistical support, also the department of education and teachers for keeping our younger generation busy with their online studies.

The Help us Help Them Support Group also congratulates all involved with the support given to the four old pensioners’ block Bishop Canilla, Albert Risso, Charles Bruzon and Seamasterlodge for their hard work in helping our elderly citizens throughout the lockdown including our local artists for keeping them entertained well done to all.

Last but not least to our local newspapers, Panorama, Gib chronicle for keeping us up to date, also a special thanks to GBC for all those programs which has kept us entertained. And to all our citizens for the daily applause and recognition to the GHA workers.

Keep your distance wash your hands and keep safe.

Chairman, Julio Pons