While Gibraltar suffers from Dr Bhatti, Picardo looks the other way

Every time the public health director Dr Bhatti opens his mouth, the chief minister Fabian Picardo loses votes. He is well known for being outspoken and for causing concern to many people - and gives the impression that he cares little about peoples’ emotions and feelings.

He is now upsetting the restaurant people who have seen their fortunes go downhill with the coronavirus situation, and obviously would like to see their downtrodden businesses recovering.

But Dr Bhatti offers no hope, he does the opposite. People are asking: How would he feel if his fat salary was under threat?

He became famous in England when holding a post in Lancashire where he wanted to push through with a vaccines programme by hook or by crook.

Either children did what he wanted or they should be banned from attending school!

There, he was stopped when the Lancashire director for children and young people warned Dr Bhatti that his policy would not be possible without a change in the law. So, there he was, trying to impose his will from outside the law.

And his argument was that because in France the said vaccine was allowed that this should also happen in England - but he evidently did not know that English law and French laws differed.

During his Lancashire uproar, a health expert said that “banning from school who had not been vaccinated was ‘totalitarian’ measure.”

Yet, Mr Picardo does nothing about correcting what is wrong in Gibraltar by his employee, who keeps upsetting the people of Gibraltar.

Said Dr Bhatti:

*The whole of Gibraltar will get the killer virus.

* People should bid farewell to their loved ones, as if we were all about to pass away.

*When the rest of the world were buying masks by the million, he said that masks were worthless and should be put in the nearest rubbish bin.

Now, he says the opposite.

etc, etc, etc.

What a way to give encouragement and reassurance to a whole population that has been going through such difficult times. Is this the kind of person that Mr Picardo wants as head of public health?

Certainly he is losing votes by the day, but that’s his problem. The rest of Gibraltar are forever suffering the consequences of Dr Bhatti and his bad manners, to put it mildly.