How is this going to be rectified?

Dear Sir,

Hi and good afternoon to all, last week I sent you an email with images relating to the coaling island car park and the rear of mid harbours .

Well earlier on yesterday the problem increases. It’s nice to see the CM posting in Facebook him picking up rubbish left behind in our nature reserve from some inconsiderate people whilst touring on his bike however how can he justify the restriction of the removal of rubbish caused by illegal parking.

This employee has a job to do which is maintaining our recycling bins by the removal of deposited rubbish but yet he cannot do so due to inconsiderate people however are they inconsiderate or its the government’s fault by removing the coaling island car park.

This is now having secondary issues now affecting our health and hygiene by one single wrong move. The question now is how is this going to be rectified?

Concerned Tenant (Full name and address supplied)