Do we need a Governor?

Dear Sir,

My question is: Do we need a Governor in Gibraltar? Hell, of course NOT we most certainly don’t.

I can see, when a few years ago, we had the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army but now?

Give me a break.

Having this guy here is costing the UK government big bucks and for what? Just to have a figurehead? Or is it to let us know that we belong to England? We know that and we know that we are British.

I guess some of us remember when we were known as BRITISH SUBJECTS but guys first and foremost, we are GIBRALTARIANS.

I’ll tell you what the UK could do with that huge cost of having a Governor in Gibraltar, they could financially assist us even though Gibraltar supports itself.

So, I put this challenge to OUR Government: negotiate with the UK to get rid of this position and say bye bye to the Governor.

We have a Chief Minister which should be re-named as Prime Minister and to hell with the Governor.

Joe Carseni

Notary Public, New York.

Gibraltar American Council