Gibraltar Squadron need adequate tools not over 30-year old patrol boats

Dear Sir,

It was disappointing to see the arrival of two 32-year old P2000 boats, all of which were retired to University Squadrons donkeys years ago, to replace Sabre and Scimitar, who were retired to here from N.I. some fewer years ago.

I recognise the ‘jam tomorrow’ statement from MoD indicating new boats will be available in 2 years.... but this has the smell of a pre-arranged let down which will only be proven when the new boats fail to arrive or have to be allocated elsewhere.

The RNGS are given an almost impossible task when they are forbidden to take executive action against the insurgents from next door, but only allowed to speak sternly to them.

It is time they were at least allowed adequate tools to do that part of the job.

It is noticeable that anything handed over from MoD to GoG is always old and usually derelict... it makes you wonder.....