Frontier pedestrian crossings into Gibraltar bordering 100,000 weekly

Joe Garcia
Frontier pedestrian crossings into Gibraltar bordering 100,000 weekly

As the frontier situation starts to go back to normal, pedestrians and vehicles coming into Gibraltar are on a clear ascendancy.

And the full effects of normalisation have not yet set in, nor has the influence of the coming summer months.

It was in mid-March when the frontier crisis began to take its toll, with Covid-19 gaining strength. The number of pedestrians crossing into Gibraltar slumped to just over 12,000 weekly. The corresponding statistics for last week put incoming pedestrian crossings bordering on the 100,000 mark.

Not so spectacular, but still remarkable, vehicles are also increasing in numbers. Last week vehicular crossings into Gibraltar shot up to nearly 40,000, which is about twice as many as the figures for the corresponding week back in March.

And although commercial vehicles had disappeared from the frontier scene back in March, they are now in their hundreds and peering into the 1,000 mark.

When it came to G-coaches, the whole of March recorded just six coaches arriving.

There have always been more foreign cars than our G-plates. For the whole of month, G-plate cars totalled 24,287 compared with 126,743 foreign cars.

Let’s move on to April, when local cars totalled a meagre 1,350, while foreign cars totalled 42,205.

And in May, there were even fewer local cars crossing the frontier, down to just 929, while foreign cars recorded a respectable 23,674 crossings.

Remember, those figures are monthly totals.

Moving from monthly to weekly, the total number of cars, local and foreign together, entering Gibraltar stood at 38,422 last week. That’s the exact figure if you want to know!