Make up your mind, Mr Carseni

Dear Sir,

I would like to reply to Mr. J. Carseni's letter of Tuesday 23rd June 2020 titled 'Do we need a Governor?'

He ends by saying: ‘We have a Chief Minister which should be renamed as Prime Minister and to Hell with the Governor.’

Let me remind Mr. Carseni that in his letter dated 21st May 2020 he was very disrespectful to our Chief Minister the Hon. Fabian Picardo Q.C. by stating that he was very irresponsible in unlocking the rock so soon.

In the fourth paragraph he also stated that Mr. F. Picardo does not have enough knowledgeable specialists with the expertise to analyse the severity of this pandemic virus.

Yet the measures implemented by Mr. F. Picardo and guided by the wise recommendations of the GHA specialists, who acted responsibly, resulted in no deaths being registered in Gibraltar.

Perhaps Mr. Carseni feels free to make capricious statements on some issues one day and changes them the next day. I ask?

As regards his comments about the new Governor, Mr. Carseni does not sound very welcoming.

He must not forget that we are a British Overseas Territory and Britain is ultimately responsible for our defence and many other important issues that can ensure our survival. The Governor is the Queen's Representative in Gibraltar and just like Australia and many other Commonwealth British Territories have a British Governor, we need a Governor according to our Constitution.

I was in Australia in 1977 and the Australian press were still spilling rivers of ink about the sacking of the Australian Prime Minister Mr. Gough Whitlam and his whole Government in 1974 by the British Governor of Australia, Sir John Kerr because the Opposition, which controlled the Lower House refused supply to fund all of Mr. G. Whitlam's expensive and Pharaonic plans. No Governor has done this is Gibraltar. So Mr. Carseni should be thankful that we have achieved as much independence as is possible and that the Governor mainly plays a subsidiary and ceremonial role in the running of Gibraltar.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully.

Tito Valerga