Leo Olivero

1. For Democracy

2. For Our Way of Life

3. For Our Future, but

4. Importantly For Gibraltar!

After weeks of often intense debate following the introduction of the ‘Unlock the Rock’ out of lockdown measures, were a group who opposed, questioned, and were critical of many of the governments post Covid announcements.

The group later assumed the name ‘Open Your Eyes’ who today have planned demonstration starting from 6pm at Casemates.

In fact, this would be the second time this demonstration has been organised by the group. It was due to have taken place last month, but was suspended by the RGP who at the time cited the coronavirus and public emergency regulations as the main impediments.

Those people, who today will be taking part in the demonstration, have been asked to form at Casemates where at 6 pm addresses will be made before the demonstration moves along main street on the traditional route where countless demonstrations have taken place over the years through the heart of the city centre.

Petitions to be Handed at the Convent and Convent Place

The demonstration will end at Convent Place where organisers will then hand over a petition to the Governor at the Convent. This is then repeated across the road where a similar petition will also be handed to the Government of Gibraltar.

The organisers of the demonstration and founders of the movement or pressure group, include Clive Borrell, James Parody, Joey Martinez, Dilys Roswell, Linda Avellano, Adrianne Victory and Liam Vasquez.

The ‘Open Your Eyes’ organising group, speaking exclusively to Panorama on the eve of the demonstration, sincerely hope that as many people as possible will take part in a peaceful, safe and organised public manifestation in exercising the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, including the individual and collective, but most importantly, of publicly expressing opinions. The protests, as explained, also play a central role in defending democracy and human rights, so the organisers hope.

The following was spoken to Panorama by the ‘Open Your Eyes’ organising group:

‘These past 4 months have been very difficult for everyone in Gibraltar.

We have all seen how our daily lives changed and things we took for granted, like some of the constitutional freedoms our forefathers bravely fought for, were removed, albeit, as a necessary temporary measure. But along with others, the people of Gibraltar directed by the Government rose to the occasion and weathered this difficult period in our collective lives, as nation and united in its fight against a deadly global health issue, which is still out there making its presence felt!

Our cause is not about how the Government handled the pandemic, which we have made abundantly clear they did admirable well.