Los water bills por las nubes...

Los water bills por las nubes...

Oh dear, los bills que esta mandando el AquaGib, querida Cynthia, enough to drive you nuts!

Nuts and more, dear Cloti, how can they be allowed to send such exhorbitant bills?

That is the question mi querido husband is asking, what a cachonfinger.

Esto es un cachonfinger serio, porque a cualquiera le entra un patitu, turulu.

This would not have been allowed en otros tiempos. In our Gibraltar these days, anything goes!

How true, Cloti dear, do these people have the GCE in arithmetic?

It's just not on.

They are taking our hair, that's what my darling husband says. I mean, the bills can only be wrong, so what is going on in our Gibraltar?

Who knows! Es que if your querido husband had sent such exhorbitant bills, they would have sent out el poli, don't you think, porque esto es more than a cachonfinger.

But there you are, el cachonfinger of the year, I imaginate! And not even a question in our Parliament.

Bueno hija, never a dull moment, el virus por un lado, los de AquaGib por el otro, some times I feel like migrating al fin del mundo.

Oh well, pero hoy hay un demonstration, it should have ended outside the offices del agua, porque a esa gente le hace falta un chaparron, blimey.

Como que mi querido husband esta que trina, what is our Gibraltar coming to?

Lo que pasa is that there are too many monopolies these days, y eso no es mono. It's not a good thing. Why cannot there be another water company so so that we have a choice?

Y a los coches le han quitado el duty para que se forren aun mas, vaya.

But if they tell us que they want a green society, they are making us go pink with anger, my dear.

Nothing makes sense anymore, I must say, no wonder que algunos want us to open our yes.

El problema is that if we open our eyes too much, we'll be frightened to death con el susto!

Bueno hija, tomate una tila y que se calmen los nervio, pero this cannot carry on regardless.

Take care, blancaflor.

And you too, ciao.