Valerga doesn’t know what he is talking about, says Carseni

Dear Sir,

I am going to answer Tito Valerga’s letter in the Panorama re my letter of June 23.

It is obvious that he has no idea and that he obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about. I never changed my mind.

What I said about that we don’t need a Governor in Gibraltar, is what I feel and what I believe.

As far as having been disrespectful to Fabian Picardo by not addressing him as the Honourable let me tell him that respect is something that you have to earn and perhaps it should start with Valerga, he should stop being an IDIOT and start seeing things instead of being blind.

I have lived in America for 47 years, the best country in the world, the most powerful country in the world, where the government is being watched constantly by the people and not allowing anything to pass unnoticed. If you don’t watch your government they’ll keep doing whatever they want and you know why? Because they know that nobody (LIKE YOU) is watching them.

Back to the useless job of a Governor in Gibraltar. He DOES NOTHING FOR US he is a waste of money to the English government, money that they could pass on to us and help our government with our Rock expenses. Take that silly idea of yours out of your empty mind. Don’t be stupid, we know that we belong to the British commonwealth and that we also used to be known as BRITISH SUBJECTS. Not anymore, we are of British nationality but first and foremost we are GIBRALTARIANS composed of many nationalities.

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES TITO and don’t waste your time writing stupid letters.

Remember, we are British NOT English

Joe Carseni

Notary Public, New York.

Gibraltar American Council

New York.