Airing our grievances and serious concerns

*PETITION to Chief Minister Mr. Fabian Picardo:

Dear Mr. Picardo,

We wish to bring to your notice as a concerned group of citizens who are disturbed and worried at some of the past, recent and proposed decisions which will, we feel, be affecting us all in no small way.

This group came to be initially as a whatsapp group of concerned citizens to discuss issues of concern affecting Gibraltar and it’s people and the inadequate decisions and actions taken by our Government with little consideration or regard to the large number of persons, businesses involved plus our intrinsic way of life.

On seeing that our Government is embarked on a clear strategy which is hitting hard at the people, we felt it right to launch our Facebook group and expose to others what we feel are wrongdoings and unite in order to air our grievances and serious concerns as a collective.

We do not intend to discredit Government action concerning the Covid measures, you have done a good job, but we are aware that the lockdown period and some of the daily briefings were used to announce arbitrary, ill thoughtout and we feel somewhat draconian measures that are affecting the people on a daily basis causing them stress, anxiety and economic difficulty in some cases.

We would like to draw your attention to these and below you can find a list of grievances that we feel should be addressed and sorted in the manner and with the transparency in keeping with the concern you profess for the people of Gibraltar.


1. Closure of Line Wall Road

to vehicular traffic with the consequent loss of parkings and the eventually arising gridlock in other areas must be reverted. We note that the original 7 day closure was reduced to 3 days a week pilot scheme that we do not believe is such and that dubious air quality justification does not hold.

2. The sprouting of Blue Zone pay parkings

which remain sadly mostly empty and unused should be returned to free parking. Many cannot afford this and are having great difficulty in meeting work, school, personal and business schedules. We still don’t understand the need for this nor do we accept your vague unsubstantiated reasons. Enforce the existing laws, get rid of unsightly derelicts and non mot’d vehicles off our roads. Provide a suitable recycling system or arrangement by which to dispose of these vehicles. This must be reverted.

3. Midtown Parking

new pay policy doing away with the previous free for residents policy is we think totally out of order. Originally promised to the people in return for the loss of navy grounds, N.O.P. parkings and the non delivery of the promised underground parking. What have the people of Gibraltar got in exchange ? This parking remains largely empty since made pay parking because the people cannot afford it. There has to be a more fair arrangement.

4. Chatham Counterguard road closure.

The Government has justified this closure in order to grant the premises an extended terrace in order to maintain required Covid distancing in between tables.

In premises which lack proper toilets and adequate handwashing facilities. Basically two dirty tiny unhygienic cubicles shared by hundreds and in keeping with the normal requirements for Licensed premises.

You have no doubt been made aware of the abuse of the many Covid rules at that location over the last few weekends even after having been warned and other licensed premises being punished for their behaviour.

Persons have been served drinks when standing up and mingling freely at their hearts content.

Now we hear that this road will be permanently closed after Covid for the premises continued use. This has created a further loss of 40 carparking spaces and more motorcycle parkings to permit for the two way chaotic system now in place at Fish Market Road.

This is not fair it is not practical nor does it merit the benefit of the few against the interests of many. This we feel is not acceptable.