‘A mud-slinging match’, says Valerga

Dear Sir,

I would kindly like to thank Mr. J. Carseni (Notary Public) New York.

Gibraltar American Council & Mr. Ken Westmoreland. U.K. for their letter dated 30th June 2020 published by your newspaper.

I found Mr. K. Westmoreland’s letter respectful, well-written, well-researched and objective, but unfortunately, I found Mr. J.

Carseni’s letter offensive, irrational and full When a person resorts to insults like Mr. Carseni has done it shows that he is not able to enter into a democratic, respectful, balanced and equal dialogue with me.

I will not resort to insults otherwise this interchange of letters instead of becoming an educational and illuminating exercise will stoop down to a mud-slinging game.

Whenever I write Mr. Carseni, I highlight the main issue or problem, then I give a few solutions to support my initial statement.

You have not told the Gibraltarian public what the Chief Minister has done to you that has aggrieved you so much. This means you have failed in your first issue.

Secondly, you resort to insult the Chief Minister, the Governor, the GHA Medical specialists and now even my humble self for questioning you.

Look here, Mr. Carseni, I have a wide armament of insults that I could lavish upon a person like you, but out of modesty and humility I will abstain.

His comments that the Hon. Fabian Picardo has to earn respect before he receives any from Mr. Carseni is a non-starter as Mr. Picardo has already earned the respect of the Gibraltarian, British and even Spanish public by carrying out and making into a reality all the promises he, the G.S.L.P/Liberal Alliance promised in their Electoral Manifestoes and to my knowledge even surpassed all expectations. This is why a person like myself, who has voted for the G.S.D. in the last four General Elections has decided to say a word in his defence.

The fact that Mr. Carseni has lived for 47 years in what he calls the best and most powerful country in the world does not necessarily make him great by identification.

The fact that the good people of America voted in a President like Mr. Donald Trump puts in question the intelligence of all the people who voted for him as he has been the most controversial, conflictive and disastrous President in American history.

As regards Mr. Carseni claiming to be Notary Public he should know that insulting people in the press is tantamount to slander but I do forgive him as I believe in the words:

‘Stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ as I am a public man and used to name-calling and insults from people who are unable to enter into a reasonable dialogue, and lacking words and eloquence like him, sadly enough resort to insults.

As regards the Governor. He is only a new chap here in Gibraltar. He gets paid by the British Government and our Government of Gibraltar has already attained the highest degree of self-government that is possible in a British Overseas Territory, so what are you worried about Mr. Carseni.

I also wonder if our Chief Minister will ever again invite him to attend the sessions in the United Nations 24th Committee after the insults he has proffered on his person?

Perhaps it is better that Mr. Carseni sticks to his local Song Festival and leave politics to people who are more tactful, erudite, eloquent and knowledgeable than he is.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully