When will the hospital be back to normal?

Dear Sir,

When will the hospital start to work back to normal, there are a lot of issues which are not being dealt with. My husband was operated from prostrate cancer two years ago, and on the 6th of June, had to go for his six months review. On the same morning just an hour before we received a phone call that his appointment was cancelled as the doctor had left. That he would be called the following week for a new appointment, we are still waiting, it might not be important to them but it is to us.

For the last two days I have been ringing the hospital telephone exchange, and all I get is the operators are busy please wait your call will be answered as soon as possible. I have waited for 20 minutes without success. I cannot understand what I have to do to get my call answered.

I know that Covid 19 is important, but it is about time that the hospital and Day Centre start their routine normality back, as there are many different illnesses which are being ignored, and which at the moment are more important. At the moment all excuses are under the Covid 19 umbrella.