Meeting to find a way forward

Letter from Open Your Eyes Group to the Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister,

We are at least if anything grateful for your prompt reply to our letter and your invitation to meet with you.

Although, from the content I can perceive that not only are you not in agreement with most of our views but that you also have, conveniently, failed to grasp the true meaning and sentiment of our protest.

If, as you say, you are doing things in the best interests of the people of Gibraltar, we think that you have either lost touch with reality or you have surrounded yourself with counsellors who are doing you and the people you represent a great disservice. The ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ story comes to mind. We do not even want to begin to contemplate that your recent decisions although harsh, unfair and ill thought out are due to some thoughtless whim.

I also note that you try and spin the existence of our group to make us out to be a political arm of Gibraltar political parties in opposition to you. Nothing is further from the truth. This group is apolitical, our members come from a very varied cross section of our community and from all walks of life.

As far as this group is concerned we welcome people from all political groups including GSD, TG and GSLP whom we feel have a voice as they are part of our Gibraltar and they came to our call and walked and stood with us under our banner. Yes, a lot of hard-line disenchanted GSLP supporters were there with us too.

Don’t even think for one minute that we are going to be manipulated and used in a political mudslinging match. We are about us. Not about them and us or me and you. We are not anti-government or anti GSLP, we are anti anything that erodes at the way of life of our people and the negative effects your policies are creating.

We will not judge the GSD nor TG, that is up to you and other politicians. We will judge you as our Government, today you are the ones in power and the ones responsible for good governance.

We understand that you were worried at the insults and name calling as you are used to different reactions, but maybe if your demeanour on coming out to receive our letter had been a bit more humble and respectful to those of us there it would have gone a long way to calming the atmosphere.

Anyway, you have had a brief glimpse of what people are like when they are not happy with government decisions. I think that you should take note of this and keep it in account when we meet.

Our decision in writing and handing the letter to our new Governor serves a two fold purpose. One is to not only welcome him to Gibraltar, but also start to acquaint him with some of the problems that the people have, as no doubt he will have been appropriately briefed by the F&CO before departing the UK and handsomely by yourself on arrival. We feel that he would also like to be updated on the view of the people in the street as his great predecessor Sir William Jackson did in his day.

Without further explanation, we look forward to arranging a meeting and start to find a way forward to tackle matters.

Sincere regards,

Open Your Eyes, Gibraltar Group.