Govt reveals Line Wall Road and New Montagu Park plans

Govt reveals Line Wall Road and New Montagu Park plans

The Government has published concept media relating to its vision for the improvements to Line Wall Road and the area of Chatham Counterguard, Montagu Curtain and Fish Market Lane. The plans offer a glimpse into the many significant improvements and benefits the Government is working to deliver in connection with the restriction of access to Line Wall Road.

LINE WALL ROAD: Consistent with the Government’s mandate to deliver a greener Gibraltar and a child friendly city, the concept balances the vision and determination of the Government to improve the environment in which Gibraltarians go about their lives on the one hand, with the day-to-day practical requirements of a busy city like ours on the other.

The concept illustrates what a “Line Wall Boulevard” may look like in the context of the pilot project to restrict access to Line Wall Road.

The main features of the concept, all of which are subject to development in the context of data being gathered by Government, practical requirements and the input of those stakeholders engaging with the Government in relation to these exciting new projects, are:

• A cycle lane, the direction of which is yet to be determined, but which will allow for safe and segregated riding along the length of Line Wall Boulevard for commuters and families alike. As part of the Line Wall Boulevard project, the Government is also considering adding a dedicated cycling connection from Line Wall Boulevard to the area of Market Place vía Casemates, in order to connect to the cycle lane being considered for Fish Market Lane.

• A vehicular lane for all other traffic may retain restricted access to Line Wall Boulevard. This may include, subject to consideration by the Government, access for essential and public service vehicles, bicycles, residents and electric vehicles, in a manner consistent with the current arrangements for restricted access to Line Wall Road. The direction in which these lanes will flow is a matter for further consideration and analysis, by reference to data being gathered by the Government and in a manner that allows for access to/egress from the various lanes connecting to Line Wall Road. All options are being considered, including the possibility of having a reversible flow of traffic, which may be controlled by dynamic signage.

• A wholesale beautification of the whole of the Line Wall Boulevard area, including (as set out in the concept images), an improvement and beautification of the Park by the Holy Trinity Cathedral, extension and beautification of promenades along the length of Line Wall Boulevard, landscaping and planting of trees to provide natural cover from the elements for both pedestrians and cyclists; and

• The provision of outside spaces, which will provide opportunities for leisure and catering establishments.