Que arbolada, my dear

Que arbolada, my dear

I say, Cynthia mia, que arbolera for Line Wall Road, que te parece?

My dear Cloti, I must say que it looks better than now, but let's wait and see how the final project ends, que te parece?

Okay, we'll wait and see, porque life is full of surprises, these days.

My dear, lo que es un PPE, porque mi Charlie dice que we have spent over half-million pounds buying such a thing. 

No tengo ni idea, pero me dicen on the grapevine que son medical uniforms o cosa de esa, pero eso de Ppee me suena mal!

Oh dear, sera que van a poner a los nurses mas guapa que nunca to combat el virus, porque esto sigue igual, even if we think que el virus is

gone.Absolutely, and we ought to take care, my dear.

Anyway, having spent a half-million pounds it must be something super-important, and it has been bought super-pronto, I must say.

Digo que si. Y adonde guardan such expensive things, my dear?

Who know, it must be a super-expensive safe, no en un guarda-ropa like the one you have at home, for sure.

Do you think there are going to be more demonstrations, now that they are allowed, porque despues del lio that erupted cuando el McGrail stopped the other one, este went very smoothly.

Bueno, y lo de los bills gigante no dicen anything more, I imaginate que we have to accept that los del agua nos pueden echar un chaparron and all carries on regardless, what you you say.

I have said todo, my dear, pero este pueblo arma un taco for less pero se queda mudito about los water bills.

That's how we are, my dear, nos preocupan algunas cosas menores but the big things pasan de largo, como dice my husband.

Bueno, let's see what next porque el mundo esta revuelto. Take care, y ten cuidao con el virus que anda escondido detras de un arbol.

Eso, take care, and kicks por si pega. Ta, ta.