Pandemic roused the voices of protest

Leo Olivero

Here in Gibraltar, or anywhere around the world, it is unlikely that anyone will wake up one day to a virus-free or even a return to a ‘normal’ like the one we knew at the start of the year in January.

This is not to say, that at some point, we might hear or read about a vaccine which may be found, but even that may not provide a magic bullet. But like measles or chicken pox, Covid-19 is likely to circulate and make its home amongst us for decades to come, though I really hope I’m wrong! 

But as the pandemic diminishes, we should be able to enjoy (real) social proximity again. Though it might take some time because those Covid habits of anxiety, have become ingrained in many people. Though, the young I suspect, will overcome this fear first, most already have. With many of the older generation, probably never.

Abusing the Rights of the Citizen Voice of the People Woken

A growing number of people believe, Gibraltar, now needs to engage with the emerging politics of time, to determine our lives today and in the future. Not only as a nation moving forward, but also to be able to have the opportunity to plan together. And not, what is presented to us, practically on a daily basis as ‘fait accompli’. Political plans, dreamed-up by the favoured few, behind closed doors. But it’s also, where the people who really matter, had no say, or were consulted, in a system that democratically abuses the rights of the citizen!

It’s also at this point, where the voice of the people, appears to have been woken. As we saw last week during the peaceful protest on the streets of Gibraltar by the ‘Open Your Eyes Group’!