Parliamentary answers to health questions


The GHA remains vigilant of COVID-19 and hence returning to the previous practice of face-to-face consultations with packed waiting rooms, is not the best or safest option. However, it is important to note that face-to-face consultations where deemed necessary have continued throughout the Covid crisis. 

Therefore, the intention is that the PCC will continue telephone consultations in the future. These consultations will allow GPs to assist patients with their health needs, which in many cases can be easily and quickly dealt with over the phone due to adaptations made to the service during the COVID-19 pandemic. These adaptations include forwarding prescriptions directly to pharmacies for patients to collect, emailing sick notes directly to patients and the ability to see presenting signs, via photos which can be sent directly to the GP electronically. Investigations such as blood tests and radiography can also be requested and arranged remotely.

Alternatively, video consultations can also be arranged.

Additionally patients who are unable to attend the PCC, but who still require a face-to-face consultation, can arrange a GP home visit as has always been the case.

It is therefore, the intention that this new system will continue into the foreseeable future even post Covid.

As with most services, the overall systems are constantly being reviewed and adapted accordingly.


Over £500,000 in PPE supplies

PPE was purchased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that at no point would the GHA run out of stock thus exposing clinical staff and patients to the virus.

Additionally, the GHA was able to support other Government departments, via the Civil Contingencies infrastructure, with PPE supplies.

All of this was accomplished during a time of global shortages and uncertainty, when other countries had run out.

The GHA is entirely satisfied that all possible due diligence was carried out on all PPE procurement.


Government can now confirm that all samples of PPE sent out of Gibraltar for external verification PPE compliance EC Regulation 2016/425 or otherwise have been returned along with the results of the external verification.

All PPE purchases, including those supplied by Pioneer Health Care Group and/or Uropharma Limited were all certification marked (CE) and / or marked by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), except for the two consignments of FFP3 masks which were found not to conform to the FFP standard.

The GHA have engaged with Pioneer Health Care who have provided the following:

Clinical Services at a total cost of £80,325.67.

Supply of PPE at a total cost of £547,373.60.


Who can accompany patients

It is the GHA's policy to follow Public Health advice throughout the whole process of unlocking the Health Service. At this moment in time the position is as follows:

For all outpatient clinics, patients with mobility difficulties, psychiatric illness, those who may not have independent capacity to choose their care, those who may require special assistance and children, may be accompanied by one designated family member or carer.

For attendance at the Accident and Emergency Department, one designated family member or carer is permitted to accompany the patient, unless it is Covid related.

In respect of antenatal appointments, the patient's partner may attend.

As with all patients, every accompanying family member will also be required to undergo a temperature check at the hospital entrance and wear a surgical mask for the duration of their visit.