Trying to get a hospital appointment

Dear Sir,

Could you please explain what do we have to do to get an appointment at Primary Care.

I have been phoning for the last three days 20007910 without success.

This morning I phone a total of 25 and all I got was please phone late. 

I made my way to the hospital, went up to the counter, talked to the lady in charge. She took my details and said I would be called back by a doctor, 4.00p.m. and still have not heard from anyone.

I phoned Minister Balban twice this morning, his Secretary told me he would call me back, still waiting.

It is about time the Primary Care went back to normality, or if not to make other arrangements so that you can see a Dr.

We are being given prescriptions like jelly babies without being checked. Our blood pressure could be over the moon but who cares.

A lot of emphasis was given to the over 70s as vulnerable, well both my husband and myself are well over 70 and there is no way we can get an appointment with a doctor. All we hear is to stay at home, as if that is the remedy for seeing a doctor.

I guess what we have to do is call the ambulance so that we can get to Emergency and I suppose like that be seen by a doctor.

I hope to receive a positive answer as to how and when I will get an answer and an appointment to see a doctor.

Or if I have to wait until something terrible happens before I am seen.

Lilian M Carroll Perez

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to Minister Balban, in case you are interested in publishing it.