Need for circular bus service

Dear Sir,

Further to the new ‘trial’ proposal for the new bus service, it seems that the government has a view that the south district does not exist and that people don’t need a bus service any further than Trafalgar Cemetery!

What the ‘minister for buses’ needs to consider is a circular bus service (clockwise and anti-clockwise) running from the frontier through the town continuing to the south district, to the east side via the tunnel, through Devils tower road and back to the frontier.

This would serve everyone well but I suppose that ministers are not used to using the buses so do not understand the need for public transport!

Furthermore, still no consideration is given for night service, as though people don’t go out at night.

There is very little insight in Gibraltar about public service needs in relation to public transport! It may be useful to give the ‘bus minister’ a sabbatical to study public transport in other countries to understand the issue well.


Joseph Serra