The daily problems that upset people

Carmen Gomez

The start of the summer made people get hot under the collar; but the temperature continues to rise, and since it is near impossible to get away from it all at present, who knows when any sign of respite will come our way to soothe the troubled brow. Men argue loudly in the street as if furious about something taking place but which is beyond their control.

A member of the over seventies i.e. the vulnerable group; actually the lady is 92; sadly tells under her face mask, that she has been kept up at Mount Alvernia for four months and her legs feel very wobbly; a woman who in days before Covid was up for anything. Older men sit at tables; their gaze lost on the horizon. A friend sends me on my Iphone a picture of a woman collapsed on a sofa with a book in her hands and below it the words “I feel like I should clean the house, so I’m going to sit and read until the feeling passes.” Isn’t that the case? Politicians are grumpy and have that fixed smile on their faces which belies their inner frustration.

News about the dire state of the Campo is being broadcast on GBC and one has to ask “what does that have to do with us? Should they not be trying to get a response instead from the person in charge; one wonders sometimes who that person is; of the GHA, and ask why the people of Gibraltar are being put through the hoop? Or even try to get a doctor on camera but with their profile in shadows and their voice changed; as they do on TV, so that he or she can explain to us why they are still in lockdown? This is what interests the community far more than drug arrests being made on the other side of the fence!

The thing too is that when we get to debate the younger generation and in general their apparent disregard of anything to do with covid regulations; one has to take into consideration that since we were all being told the virus would mainly affect the over seventies, that they should want to enjoy life before the message changes and they too find themselves in limbo.

Sometimes all we want to hear is, we are doing all we can to alleviate your situation with actions that make a real difference to your lives. When these are half hearted, there are bound to be a lot of disappointed and disgruntled people out there. It is true that it has not been governments who have introduced Covid into our lives; but this does not negate their responsibilities to the man or woman in the street.

Nor is it just for private landlords not to give a breather to their tenants at this point in time. This should not be allowed to happen. In gruelling times as these we should all pull together and show solidarity!