Why doesn’t our new Governor say anything about this?

Dear Sir,

From Clive Borrell of OYE: Listen carefully to the information and pay special importance to the grounds under which the Police Authority can ultimately under section 34 of the Police Act after consultation with the Governor and the CM or in agreement with either after consultation they may call on the Commissioner to retire.

The act species certain circumstances to permit or allow for this:

1. In the interest of efficiency.

2. Effectiveness.

3. Probity.

4. Integrity.

5. Independence of Policing.

The Chief Minister declined to comment on a specific reason. Perhaps the Governor might oblige or the Police Authority.

What is clear is that in the interest of the public the specific reason should be made available and not hidden.

One or all of the above mentioned should come clear and lay to rest to the rumours and talk of conspiracy surrounding this serious matter.

What current political situation does the Chief Minister shield himself behind not to answer the questions?

More so in favour and light of the current political situation, if there is one that we should know about, than against it.

The need for truth over rides it. Or is the government telling us white lies? To achieve what? We are all grown up to accept the truth even though we might not like it is vital for the people to know.

Why doesn't our new Governor say anything about this ?

It's about time he is seen and heard performing his official role in our interests or is he also hiding?

Come clean ! If there is any evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of the ex Commissioner it should be made public and due course and process should be followed in the same way any other citizen of Gibraltar faces the consequences of his actions.

Anything else will reek of a cover up, whitewash or obscure interests in perpetuating the circulation of the rampant rumours going on around town benefiting no one and destroying confidence in certain sectors and persons in our community.

Clive Borrell,

Open Your Eyes