Gibraltar without ombudsman

Dear Sir,

We wish to bring to the attention of the public that Gibraltar has been without a Public Services Ombudsman for the last month.

Whilst the Office of the Ombudsman continues to operate, it is doing so without an Ombudsman at the helm as required by law. We must thank the staff running the office for their efforts in doing so.

We have to remind the relevant authorities that having an Ombudsman is essential to investigate complaints made by members of the public in respect of public services and in turn make these service providers accountable.

The failure not to appoint an Ombudsman for over a month is regrettable and a disservice to our community and indicates an apparent lack of importance to such an office that was established over twenty years ago to provide a service to those who seek their assistance.

We must urge the Chief Minister to appoint a new Ombudsman as a matter of priority.

Henry Pinna & Mario Hook

Former Ombudsman