“I now know what occupies Bhatti’s mind”

Dear Sir,

Sohail Bhatti recently tweeted an article from the MiddleEastEye.Net on Israel and anti-Semitism, by Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy. I’d be the last person to attempt to gag anyone for expressing personal opinions on international (or local) affairs. However, Bhatti’s choice of tweet, when there are floods of burning international issues, raises troubling thoughts in my mind already pre-occupied by galloping spikes in anti-Semitism, globally.

It is China, instead, that should occupy Bhatti’s focus and not only for its unconscionable spread of the Plague from China (Covid 19 for the politically correct). As Bhatti’s tunnel-vision fixates on Israel, allow me to enlighten him outside the confines of his fixation. In the article posted by Bhatti, Gideon Levy while referring to “mass concentration camps in China” craftily and cowardly avoids expanding on these. Not even slightly. Concentration camps are operational in delinquent China where around a million Chinese Muslims (the Uighur) have been incarcerated. I’d be interested to know if Bhatti has posted any article on the plight of the Uighur? And if not, why not? Does the brutal Chinese travesties against Muslims not fit into Bhatti’s tunnel-vision world view?

Just in case Bhatti is apathetic to the welfare of Chinese Muslims, (and I am not), let me enlighten him. The ruling Chinese Communist Party is guilty of the following:

(1) lining mosques in majority Uighur areas with facial recognition security cameras;

(2) mosques are patrolled by riot police;

(3) Muslims fasting on Ramadan are forced to drink water before prayers;

(4) institutions in majority Uighur areas serve non-halal food or pork only;

(5) schools in majority Uighur areas force students to drink during Ramadan;

(6) Uighur farmers are pressured into raising pigs for consumption.

(7) A parent called out “Forgive my children for not fasting,” during Ramadan in Xinjiang, China, (reported by Amnesty International).

And the list goes on. Shocking!

Whatever Gideon Levy may say, (and I value his opinions less than a blob of camel spit), anti-Semitism is real. The spike in anti-Semitism in Europe is real. The spike in anti-Semitism globally is real. It is not “Israel’s propaganda war” but strident and stalking anti-Semites who make this indissoluble vice a vicious reality for Jews.

A close friend of mine taught me to treat the post-Holocaust call ‘Never Again’ as a verb. It is a call to action; not a hypnotic mantra. I will never clam up when I smell the wafting stench of anti-Semites because no one recognises that stench better than a Jew. Anti-Semitism is the longest hatred. Anti-Semitism is real. It is not hollow paranoia. Worryingly, always, it is the canary in the mine.

Much gratitude to ‘Panorama’ for bringing this important issue, prompted by Bhatti’s twitter post, to the public’s attention. I now know what occupies Bhatti’s mind.

We live in a batty world!

Yours faithfully.

Levi J Attias