The spread of Covid: deficient areas

Dear Sir,

If the Chief Minister and his team are really worried about the spread of Covid why don’t they look at the following deficient areas first.

1. Stricter Controls at the Frontier currently a free for all.

2. A Realistic effective filtering system at our airport to dissuade unnecessary travel to Gibraltar or persons leaving with the intention of returning. This should include Private and Military Flights.

3. Re establish the Yacht Reporting Berth system ASAP to be manned by officials from Port Dept, Public Health and Borders & Coastguard. The current system is a lax free for all affair and the many arrivals are only subject to a who knows what requirements on behalf of private commercial interests at a Pier Master’s discretion.

4. Midtown Coach Park. Coaches arrive every day unloading tourists into the centre of town. Who checks these Tourists? Where do they originate from? Who have they been in contact with in the last 10 days?

Who knows?

There are many other examples or suggestions I could make but I fear that the object of the Chief Minister’s exercise with his latest are far removed from Covid worries.

He then threatens us with a possible across the board mask wearing possibility come September. A very convenient Virus this Covid is proving to be for some and the closer we get to political deadlines I now have no doubt that the virus will increase.

What next? Stop masking the people and unmask yourself I say.

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards and with a great respect for your professional trajectory.

Clive Borrell