Dear Sir,

The Help us to Help them support group and the voice of Gibraltar group will like to wish Miss Zoe Gaduzo a happy retirement, Zoe has been an asset to the Laguna Estate Tenants Association whilst I was the chair person, she was always willing to help in any shape or form.

Zoe started working as a civil servant on the 17th February 1986 up to 01st January 2020, in 1986 she worked with the AACR then in 1988 with the GSLP with Joe Bossano after eight years of the GSLP being in power the GSD took over in 1996 so therefore Zoe worked with Mr. Peter Caruana QC, and finally in 2011 the GSLP came into power once again and since up to her retirement Zoe worked for GoG as a telephone operator at number six convent place for 34 years.

Zoe is and will always be a happy character and lovely person that was always willing to help and for that once again we want to thank you for all your hard work.

Julio Pons