Check or checkmate:

SAYS CARMEN GOMEZ: Check involves a series of three moves available to the player, when he feels under attack. Checkmate is for the victor who knows the king has nowhere else to go without being captured and has lost. We are not under attack just yet and we have that important veto in our constitution in the case that we were.

Gibraltar is known as an overseas territory; the only people who see us, or have us down as a colony, are Spain; the EU by allowing Spain to insist on inserting that phrase in a piece of draft; and the UN; and we all know the reason why, which again has to do with Spain. Britain last called it a “crown colony” right up to 1981. As to The Governor; he is the representative of the Queen; no one else; in her capacity as Queen of Gibraltar and not the representative of the UK Government. The Governor is accountable to her majesty’s government only for compliance by Gibraltar with binding international obligations.

Furthermore under the new constitution it is her Majesty who reserves the power to make laws for the peace order and good government of Gibraltar; this is an exceptional and residual power intended to be used only in exceptional circumstances.

He is right in saying that Gibraltarians don’t shout loud enough; frankly if we have a populace whose preference is not to have to wait too long at the frontier queue and couldn’t care less what we are called; if I were a local politician I would not be too bothered either.

I let it be known that I am not, nor ever have been a Bossanista, but in all honesty he was the only Gibraltarian/politician who ever shouted out the odds to the English loud and clear, despite this making him hugely unpopular amongst them; to the point of being poisoned during a flight when he was Chief Minister and nearly died; he said this on a TV interview on GBC and he knew it was a political plot against him. Plus it was the voters who saw him out, because as they said he was old hat!

Some Gibraltarians don’t realize that in general people locally don’t want to rock the boat with the UK or Spain.

The business of representation in Westminster is muddied. It is unpopular with the FO who sees all the other overseas territories lining up for more of the same; and frankly we all know that the Gibraltar Government, although having been seen to sign such requests from the people, have not gone any further apart from what I call monitoring the situation. I don’t believe that the UK Government will not make us such an offer.