A colony or not?

Dear Sir,

Ref Carmen Gomez article in Panorama. Firstly let me say that I usually agree with Carmen’s analyses of our political situation but on this occasion I have to differ on two issues.

She says that Gib is not a colony. Then why do we have a Governor, why do we come under the Foreign Office, why does the U.K. Government still have reserved powers on law and order over us and why are we not represented in that institution from where those reserved powers can be triggered and issues that affect us directly or indirectly are debated in our absence.

Another point is when she refers to the U.K. Leaders saying one positive thing about us and then acting differently. An RAF Officer once told me “If a ....... man works from sunrise to sunset for a bowl of rice and he is happy, why should I give him more.” The gist of this phrase is that we Gibraltarians have not shouted loud enough, with some of our politicians and business people only interested in their own personal gains.

The U.K. government has already told us that they are willing to talk with HMGOG about representation in Westminster for Gibraltar. Our CM says that if it was offered to us it would be foolish of us not to accept it. So what shall we call this situation? Check or Checkmate.

Kind regards

Wilfred Stagnetto