Thank you all

Dear Sir,

With this letter I would like to extend my thanks to the following people and entities for their unconditional help during my stay at the Europa Retreat Centre all throughout the Covid pandemic.

Firstly the Contingency team Mr Ivor Lopez, Wayne Barrak and everyone in that office for helping me at a time of need and give me accommodation.

To Mr David Tapiero and delivery staff of Gibraltar Confectionary. To Mr Lee Harold of Eat and Chat and Mr Luis Balban from the 4x4 Atlas club for delivery of food every day.

To the cleaner Maria Fare and Forje of ABC cleaning company.

To Richard Muscat and Charlie, great guys from J.T. Securities. Also to the different guards on the shifts.

To Bakali and Yassine Amejoud of Group 5 security.

A very special thanks to Francis Noguera and his wife Sonia for taking care of my laundry and providing us with many local dishes, as did Dennis Lopez and his wife Gaynor for providing us with many local delicacies especially during Easter period with all the local Easter dishes. Also Henry Mauro and wife Rosana and Lester and wife for all their goodies. Thank you I will always be very grateful for what you have done.

To the manager Mr John Rodriguez always helpful.

To GBC, Panorama and Gib. Chronicle for covering our predicament and publishing the story of finding ourselves homeless.

To Mr Henry Pinna from Action for Housing for putting an interest in our care.

To our Government for allowing me a roof over my head albeit at the workers’ hostel in Devil’s Tower Rd.

Hopefully in the not too distant future I expect to be properly accommodated after being on the housing waiting list since the year 2000 (20 years) as per our constitutional right.

Finally a special mention to my brother Dennis and my very good friend Peter Morello for their unconditional patience, moral and financial help they have given me especially after also finding myself unemployed.

An ordeal I would not wish anyone to have to go through in life.

Douglas Santos