Do something about it...

Dear Sir,

These were the famous words of John F Kennedy.However, I have changed country to Gibraltar.

“Ask not what Gibraltar can do for you but what you can do for Gibraltar” How comfortable is it for you when you get your old age pension and community care of £700. 0 every three months.

Sure, why complain? I hate to say this but I have to.

This has always been the attitude. Why complain? Why make any noise? Who wants to get involved.

Gibraltarians have always been that way.

You know, when I am walking down Main Street or having a coffee with friends, I hear them talk about rumours “did you hear about this” “Did you hear about the other” ok, and what the hell are you do about it? NOTHING, NADA.

Rather than keeping your mouths shut, do something about it, don’t just go by rumours, open your mouth, make noise and start being a proud Gibraltarian.

Start questioning your government and make them keep you informed on everything and I mean everything, don’t forget that your vote is what gave them the position they have and they WORK FOR YOU not YOU FOR THEM.

Put pressure on your government for them to make public as to why the Chief of Police resigned. Now that is something you WANT to know,who knows, maybe something happened or maybe not, but let the government clarify and come out with the truth.

So DO SOMETHING don’t just be a puppet. These are the things you should “DO FOR GIBRALTAR AND NOT WHAT GIBRALTAR DOES FOR YOU"

Joe Carseni

Notary Public,

New York.