Easy solution to heritage problem

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the recent article on the poor state of the Moorish Castle by Carmen Gomez, following on from my visit to the neglected Devils Gap Battery..... and I have an easy solution to the problem.

Ask the Gibraltar Government to call in The Professionals ! Just take a look online at Dover Castle run by English Heritage. The similarities are astounding.

Dover Castle has once empty rooms stunningly restored to various periods in history with furniture and artefacts.

The World War 2 Tunnels, Underground Hospital and Command Centre at Dover are also restored to appear really authentic.

I am sure English Heritage ( The Professionals ) could advise the contacts who can carry out the job. The cost of the work can be recouped over time by an increase in entry fees fitting of proper tourist sites. Our Heritage would then generate revenue as well as pride.

Yours faithfully