In total agreement

Dear Sir,

I would like to refer to Mr. Joe Caserni's letter of 2nd Sept 2020.

He expresses concern about the many people who come to him with complaints about issues in Gibraltar but who do not have the courage to voice them in public.

In this case, despite having crossed swords with him over a few issues in the past, I am in total agreement with him.

As a humble letter writer I often get people who come to me with complaints and who want me to go public on issues that concerns them. They often tell me 'Don't mention my name.'

I often wonder why people are so afraid to go public?

Let;s face it, writing letters to the Editor is 'a gentleman's game.' There are strict rules. No insults, no name-calling, no libelous or slanderous remarks.

Then the writer has the right of reply in case he receives any negative answers. He or she must provide a name and address etc.

I often receive requests by people who want me to praise them or their activities in public. Well, I take this opportunity to tell them that my pen is not there to praise anyone, or for other people to put medals at my expense..

My pen is there to denounce injustices, discrimination and to highlight social issues that need attending by the Government of the day.

Furthermore, my first allegiance is to my perception of TRUTH.

I do not belong to any political group or religion, so I have no axe to grind and no one to please.

This means that I can afford to be independent and objective.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully