EXCLUSIVE: Catering Association survey reveals 60% drop in business

The Gibraltar Catering Association’s objective is to serve its members by advancing and protecting Gibraltar’s restaurant and food service industry with the goals to build industry influence, build industry image, and build industry engagement. A recent survey conducted by its members revealed a 60% drop in business year on year compared to 2019!

DAVID DIAZ questioned their Vice President ORLANDO YEATS on their goals and targets as well as the impact Covid has had on local bars and restaurants. 

DJD: The Government kicked off their Buy Local campaign, has this had a positive effect on local restaurants?

OY: That’s a hard question to answer as we are in completely new territory, this spring and summer has been like no other for the catering industry. Covid has been totally unprecedented and the industry has never experienced anything like this so it’s impossible to gauge the level of success of the campaign. A recent survey of our members revealed an average of 60% drop in business year on year compared to 2019, this perhaps can give you an idea for current levels of activity.

The association will of course support and get behind any campaign that is designed to help the economy through these difficult times, it can only be seen as a positive thing to do.